It’s Easy.  I’ve said it.  You’ve said it.  Yes, those words leave someone’s lips every day.  Really?  What we often don’t admit or acknowledge is that it isn’t always that easy.

It Starts with Technology.   It is changing at break-neck speed.  Whether you are running a business or communicating with friends and family, It can mean the difference between the haves and have not’s.  Navigating Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube, MailChimp, SEO, SEM.  The Internet of Things is also impacting our home security, our appliances the ability to track every part of our lives.

 Let’s Not Forget About Our Jobs.   Even if it is work, we love or hate.  The World Economic Forum predicts that five million of our current jobs will not be around in five years.  In other research,  66% of those surveyed thought other professions were at risk.  It’s not easy to imagine doing something different if you have been in an industry or career for ten plus years.

Mindset and It’s Not Easy.  We don’t want to change the good enough, or we rationalize it is too complicated.  We also get annoyed like I did when my well-intentioned consultant uttered those ill-fated words, “It’s Easy.” I had to pause and apologize.  My commitment is to help others in transition.  At that moment,  I was not a good role model.  How willing will she be to help me in the future?

Let’s Alter How We Approach “It’s Easy.”  An alternative?   “How can we make it easier?”   Let’s not discourage “It’s hard” with “It’s too complicated” or “it will never work.”  We are all together in this ever- evolving world of change.  You may be a whiz kid with the latest apps, have a job situation that is unpredictable, or feel overwhelmed (or excited) as you struggle with market and technology changes in your business.  What we have in common is that we can all start today to bring others along, understand different points of view, embrace the changes and be proactive in orchestrating our work and lives.

Some Ways to Make It Easier:

  1. Avoid the acrobatics as you share “how” with others. Share at their pace.  How much easier will it be for you if others are engaged and feel confident vs. lost?  What can they offer you in exchange for your help?
  2. Let others know it isn’t easy for you and ask for assistance. What scares you about learning something new or being proactive? What can you do to address your mindset or fear?
  3. Get together with others to share and learn something new or explore ways your job and life could potentially change in the next 3-5 years.  Learning with friends, family or co-workers is a great way to get energized and look at problems and potential with a different lens.

Taking on “it’s not easy” can pay off.  Give the “new and different” a chance. Understand.  Learn.  Explore.  It may very well lead to a fulfilling “What’s Next” path in work and life.  Your choice, easy or not?

Copyright: 123RF Stock Photo Sarawut Aiemsinsuk