The Census Bureau estimates that there are 63.7 million Baby Boomers and close behind them are 64.6 million GenXers.  What does that have to do with “It’s Never too Early?” A lot. Talk to those Baby Boomers who are currently 60-68, who lived for the promise of life-long careers enabled by hard work, promotions, and the rewards of leadership. Today, many of those Boomers are either shell-shocked, angry that their jobs and lifestyles have gone up in smoke or hoping on a wing and a prayer that their position will be there for five more years.  Retirement? Listen to those who enjoyed the first two or three years of their new-found freedom as they confess that playing golf or bridge, traveling and spending time at home with their spouse just isn’t enough to get them out of bed. Look around.  Next Acts aren’t just for Boomers.  Many GenXers as they approach 50, find themselves faced with the prospect of unengaged teams, serial careers, children moving on, aging parents and concerns about financing their future.

Shell-shock? Anger? Loss? Confusion? Fear? The list goes on.  We can turn this around.  If those of us who are mid-career think earlier about how to navigate life’s transitions we can transform this negative energy into possibilities for our communities, our organizations, our teams, our families and ourselves.  Stories abound about those who are successfully leading the choices in their lives.

So how do you know when to make your next move? If you are going change the direction of your work or life, you have to decide if you are ready. For the next few days, take the time to listen to those fleeting thoughts in your head.  Stephen Spielberg describes it as a whisper.  The small voice that says “it’s time.” It’s the chance encounter or the opportunity that comes out of nowhere.  It might even come disguised as a second chance. For some inspiration,  click here to listen to this short video as he describes how the “whisper” has guided him in life.

Ready for a change and still waiting for a hint of what could be next?  Use this short survey to help you get connected with what might be whispering in your ear.

So Where do You Want to G(R)O?  Re-engage? Reinvent? Rewire?