Working with Linda Burridge was life-changing for me. Linda helped me identify patterns of thinking that were detrimental to reaching my goals for my life. And her coaching went far beyond my expectations. I now have worked through what is most important to me, long term, in all areas of my life, and my focus has been sharpened. I am so grateful for the experience. The only way it could improve is if it never ended.
-HR Business Partner

It has been said time and again that God can write straight over our crooked lines. I truly believed that Linda was sent my way not only to help me get over the crooked line but help me set a path to avoid it in the future. This was my first coaching experience, and the value it brought me was worth every single minute. She challenged my way of thinking and asked me the tough questions that I needed to hear and face. She did this with kindness, empathy, and genuine concern for my development. She is a true blessing. Need I say more?
-Director, Education -Community College

Linda Burridge has been coaching me for about a year. I met her through my previous job, and re-connected with her after a few years, right at a time when I was starting to re-build my career in a new country. She not only gave me ideas to approach my job search with a positive mindset but also helped me grow as a person.
I worked with her to discover my purpose and values, as well as my areas of vulnerability based on my energy leadership profile and other innovative assessment tools. Then with those results, I was able to ‘get out of my shell’ and start exploring possible roles through networking, mentoring, and volunteering. She helped me learn so much about myself and has greatly contributed to my personal growth. Her approach is comforting yet firm in the areas I needed to work on, and she made sure that I got something out of each session.
Linda’s coaching abilities are second to none! I would recommend Linda as a coach to any of my friends and family who are looking to improve their lives.
Non-Profit CEO and Senior Global Program Manager

…My Life Coach Linda Burridge, for spurring me on from the beginning. Your insight has been priceless.
Acknowledgment from
David Lastinger, Author
How to Do Things Your Phone Won’t:
A Common-Sense Guide to Real Life

What can I say about Linda Burridge? She is professional, empathetic, and goes behind the curtain to see what makes you tick. Her super-power is her ability to help you navigate through complex situations, diffusing any emotional triggers. She offers a unique process that allows you to get to the heart of the matter, focus on your desired outcome, and move out of your own way. Linda will have you thinking about your life and your business in ways that will bring out the best in you, your employees, and/or clients. I highly recommend Linda to work with professionals transitioning into retirement and high- level executives wanting to raise their performance bar. Linda will bring a class act to your Next Act!
– Susan Moody, Starshine Communities, Inc.

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