What’s the Story?

Linda Burridge

Everyone has a story.

I have had over 30 years in leadership and talent development. For 20 years I worked with a global talent development and consulting firm and then found myself on a path in publicly held firms. I’ve been a manager and leader, facilitated in the classroom and coached leaders, teams and professionals here in the U.S. and globally.

It wasn’t always about performance and results!

Given today’s workplace, work and life are often inseparable. Over time, I experienced first-hand how change and transition in our organizations and communities also contribute to a loss of purpose, erode values, lead to poor health, destroy connections to family and friends and leave people in jobs they hate and unprepared for a life’s next chapter. You can check out my experience in more detail at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lindaburridge

My story about skills and experience isn’t the one that will make a difference for you.

What matters are the lessons I learned on this path and now I can share them with you. Surrounded by leaders, mentors, coaches and professionals who were passionate about their work, their families and their communities left me with three lessons which inspired my next act as a leadership and personal transition coach:

  • It takes courage to take accountability for our  choices in careers, our relationships, our health or our finances. It doesn’t take a title to be a leader in life.
  • In making decisions, there is a delicate balance between listening to our own heart and opening ourselves up to the counsel of others. How we show up in the world will engage or discourage the support and commitment of others in our journey.
  • To move ahead on a different path, it is important to be clear about what we want to change and use our life’s purpose and our values as a north star to navigate the many transitions that we are sure to encounter.

I keep my story alive by helping you make your greatest contribution.

I do my best work when I am able to help my clients create the work and life that gets them up in the morning. I delight in seeing them successfully take on a new job, move through loss, rebuild relationships or make a difference in their communities. Their ability to master transition over time is through the power of self-awareness, aligning their head and heart, being authentic and courageous in word and deed and being confident and trusting in their personal choices.

Working with Linda Burridge was life-changing for me.  Linda helped me identify patterns of thinking that were detrimental to reaching my goals for my life.   And her coaching went far beyond my expectations.  I now have worked through what is most important to me, long term, in all areas of my life, and my focus has been sharpened.  I am so grateful for the experience.  The only way it could improve is if it never ended.

HR Business Partner

What Story Do You Want to Tell?